Loan Modification Foreclosure help?

I was not able to pay my mortgage so I went to a loan modification firm in March 2010.
I Didn’t hear a response and kept calling them as to what they were doing?
In Sept 2009 the bank offered me a new payment that was about $ 1100 from the original $ 1800.
My lawyer/the firm told me it was possible to lower the payment to under $ 1000, and since my business was slow in the fall (im self employed) I accepted.
In December a man came to my door and told me “this house is in foreclosure” here are the court papers. I immedaitely caleld my lawyer and told him the papers that I had recieved, he told me not to worry, and that they wouldn’t foreclose because they were negotiations.
In Jan 2010 the bank sent some papers asking me to fill it out and ask for a loan modification, my lawyer told me that this is a tactic they use in which they use to suck me in to negotiate with them and cheat me to a higher payment. I gave him the papers. A few days later the bank called me and said that they would modify the loan for me increasing the payment from $ 1800 to $ 2100 until the amount I owed them was paid in full, bascially a years worth of mortgages added to my original payment for God knows how long. I said if I could not pay $ 1800 how would I be able to pay $ 2100, he told me that I should manage my money better and should cut out cable and cell phone service. I told him I only have a phone and electricity, and have cut out all other expenses. He said that I was in a difficult position. I told him to contact my attoreny he didn’t.

So my lawyer calls me about a month ago telling me to make a payment for $ 1100 or else i would have to fight off losing the home. I said ok, and made a payment by check. The bank refused my check asked me to make a tellers check. I made a tellers check they refused saying that it wasn’t for the total amount due.

My lawyer changed his number, and his representative whom i was speaking with and not the lawyer himself disappeared and disconncted his phone number, as did the firm. I went to the office and tracked him down and he told he, he’d get is striaghtened out in 24 hours, after serveral calls and 1 week later he tells me hes gonna get the info by tomorrow, looks to me like he’s playing a cat and mouse game with me and wasting my time. Mind you I paid him $ 3000.

What is the bank doing right now? Are they willing to negociate?
How long do I have to fight off this “foreclosure” what is the process of this?
Why is the bank not taking my payments?
Is my Lawyer screwing me over? What can I do about him? I have no court documents as I gave them all to him? How Can I save my home? where do I go? Idk what to do?

Thank You for all your help.

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