my mortgage has an adjustable rate. its about to mature and my payments are going up $ 700 per month. what is loan modification? do i have to be in foreclosure before the bank modifies my loan? i’m a disabled veteran and my income supports the mortgae payments . i’ve NEVER been late on a mortgage payment for the entire time i’ve had the home. does anyone know of any resources wher i can get help? VA or otherwise? i really don’t want to lose my home. i have alot of people depending on me.
so far i’ve gotten positive feedback….but no one has answered my questions yet: must i be in foreclosure before my current mortgage company modifies my loan? also, i need to know what conditions govern loan modification. my loan is not a va loan but i still have that loan available to me. (somewhere in the neighborhood of
$ 457,000) i was thinking about going to the dept. of veterans affairs to see what, if any, options i may have concerning my loan and my veteran status. i really need legitamate help…. not someone trying to make a fast buck off of me.

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