lender’s mortgage problem?

I think it was he who drove the bubble, Heres a short story, whoohoo Im 36, but in my twenties, I got married, had two jobs was a perfect score, duh duh, enter the former wife was an idiot Needless to say Shes got a house, file bankruptcy, blah, blah story same ol American Dream gone awry, like 6 years became use dto not because I think I’ll have nothing toshow, get a fluke, blood, sweat and tears of a job that pays, to buy a house, but I can not get a conventional loan because they can not rely on their per diem as income any so they put me up for the interests of the construction loan as long as I have time, so that they can count on it, anyway, it seems that they put to me, they state sent me a 48 cents since March, I should have known better, but I paid. following month, they beat me but I have two months, with full support, which cost me a painful but I thought I had come, then I get the following declarations month for three months now, I’m plus interest for late payment, if that’s what you want to call. everything is on paper applied the principle of payment. in which, at this point im still has a loan interest only tried to call them, but it is no surprise, no answer, even sent copies of statements of a surprise, but payments have not answer yet, I figure im going to follow the American trend, and finally screwed, I just wanted to know if theres anything I can do, or am I just another statistics, should I pack my shit and move to a other countries to pursue the American dream, you know to go to work at home, raise your child and do not worry, at this rate, I think if I Wisconsin, is underway and kicking! @ # $ % ^ Out of one or in a place like fire, let my child lives and well-being of his mother keeps milking its cash cow, and my chances of having a pen I can really understand the film down now, sorry, that both the melodramatic, but im my end

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