Leak Damage from neighbor upstairs?

I live in Miami, FL in a condo, with association. I have no home owners insurance. The neighbor upstairs had a leaking A/C unit for a long time, which caused problems in my bedroom ceiling and my AC unit’s closet walls are wet as well. This neighbor rents her apt. and doesn’t currently live there. Her apartment is in foreclosure. It’s been 2 WEEKS since she said she would send someone to check our apartment and she didn’t. She only fixed her A/C and told us it was our problem to fix it; she doesn’t have money. When an apt is in foreclosure, who is responsible? Our association told us to solve it with the neighbor causing the leak but she is NOT cooperative, and told me I’m harassing her by calling too many times, well I want this fixed for once and for all! Can I put a lien in her property so she’s not able to sell it? Do I go to small claims court. Help! I want this nasty lady to pay and she won’t even listen to us! Isn’t she supposed to have renter’s insurance when she rents out? Can she rent while her apartment is in foreclosure?

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