Just had baby, bills are out of control & we forecast 3 mo. before needing credit cards to pay mortgage- help!?

We are married and have three children… (just had our third child.) The pregnancy had many unforeseen problems which resulted in a mountain of doctors bills during and after the pregnancy. We have a substantial amount run up on credit cards (over 20k) and that promotion we have been holding out for my husband to get for the last two years is nowhere to be seen now. My mortgage is way more than we can afford right now. We purchased our home 4 years ago on a 5 to 1 arm. Got scared when rates started to go up and wanting to do what we thought was the right thing, we refinanced to a traditional 30 year loan two years ago which raised our monthly payments about $ 800. The rate we are locked in at is 6.5% and we had perfect credit back then! With everything that has happened and what we are forecasting, we can swing things another maybe 3 months before needing what little we have left open on credit cards to pay our mortgage. We have used our credit cards over the last two years to purchase groceries and what not when we didn’t have the cash. I just don’t know what to do. We live in las vegas- and our home has depreciated so much we are estimating to be upside down around $ 150-175k on top of losing the $ 70k we put down on the house. Please, where do we go for help. I don’t know where to start or who to trust! What do I do?

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