Just got DECLINED for an amex airmiles platinum card. AND a blue sky AMEX.?

So what happened was I applyed for an amex airmiles platinum card and got turned down. And their reason was my score is too low. I dont know how a score of 785 ( TransUnion) is low. I have a 7500 dollar limit RBC VISA platinum avion, a 2000 dollar limit RBC Classic II VISA, a 300,000 dollar mortgage and a 33,000 dollar Car loan all being paid as agreed without a problem. I make 45,000 dollars a year as a production manager and have been working their since 2007. Then after I got declined, I thought that the amex platinum AIR MILES card was just out of my league so I tried the Blue Sky, DECLINED. Do you think I should call them and ask them to re-consider or do you think there was a good reason why I was declined.

BTW : I Live in Canada so it may be different from the U.S.A.
My husband also makes 60,000 dollars so out household income combined is 105,000 And both names are on the home.

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