I’ve had it with my brother and his girlfriend?

First I want to say that my brother is a child, he just turned 16 and his girlfriend is only 14.

His girlfriend tells him what to do, what to wear. She doesn’t let him watch movies with the family (weird, I know), go shopping with me or my mom. When she wants my mom to come get her and my mom doesn’t feel like it, she gets bad at my brother which causes him to lash out at my mom and I’m tired of it. I’m 18 and I’m moving out to go live with my dad because I don’t want to deal with none of this.

Anyways, just there whole relationship is so annoying. she calls him all day, texts him all day. her mom even wanted to know our house insurance so she could go take my brother to get shots, wtf?!

I was just walking to my room and I overheard there entire conversation. She was asking my brother how much my mom buys for her car, rent, electricity and I’m just like are you serious?! then they both start talking sh*t on how my mom makes him buy his own stupidass lip rings, and how he only has 4 pairs of sneakers. Making her sound like a bad mom, which pissed me off to the extreme because my mom is the best mom, honestly. she is so KIND.

Then he goes “I bet my sister is going to tell my dad that I’m failing school and doing drugs” and he was like, it’s my f**king life, blah blah blah. I told him I was telling our dad so he could come down to tx with me but then I decided not to because I didn’t want to break his heart, but now I am. I’m so tired of this sh*t and I am so mad!!! Advice?

Btw I am 18

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