It works? Using the company to settle disputes over the negotiations for the sale of a HELOC?

Hello there. I want out of my FL. It’s a 155k house. I was taken back to the 07th 60K HELOC Now I’m running out of sale of the property. The main thing OK lender, but a second mortgage (HELOC) do not want to live after a series of negotiations. They want the entire amount as an unsecured loan. The estate agent is not very useful, wants to take me much to go through a short sale. I want to keep the negotiations laenuandja.Ma m ‘almost to hire a law firm well known, offering negotiations to resolve the bank. They charge a lump sum of about $ 3K. They said they could save me 3k 60K. This is reasonable, but the lawyer did not give me the guarantee provided tulemusi.Kas you think it worth it? My only chance to be close, because I do not like it I will have to cope with a HELOC.
Can a collection agency has the right to close, or is it found an unsecured debt? We are facing foreclosure the first mortgage. We were underwater for about $ 75k with the first mortgage. If the house is closed, there will be nothing left of the second mortgage on the house. House values have fallen by nearly $ 200K. The man just lost his job after 10 years. A son is handicapped and has recently discovered a second brain injury (may require surgery). I managed to get all their medical appointments (4x per week). We have considered bankruptcy. We do not have any assets, except for 401k and a car 12 years. I live in FL. Can a collection agency garnish wages if my husband found a new job? Is bankruptcy discharge that debt?

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