it is posible to get a loan to build in a land I own with 4 others?

I own 1/4 of the land, all of the 4 of us want to get a construction loan to build one 2 family home, would they give me a loan, should all go together and make a big loan, or go separate, each of us have a separate deed, would the bank give a loan in a situation like that.
It is a complex deal because I own this land but I’m giving 3/4 to my brothers to build in it, the problem we have is that I want to deed this property before they go for the loan, do I have to deed them separate to each, or one deed to the 3 of them, and when they go to the bank do they have to get separate loan or one loan for all of them, I want to ask this question because you have giving me great answers last week, I took your advise and I’m keeping 1/4 of the land to protect myself, so my question was based in me owning now one forth of this property. Thanks

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