It is better to pay your mortgage payments or keep?

I inheirtied a house with a variable rate mortgage. The loan, when I was $ 80,000 when I took over 3 years. The rate is currently around 6%, I want to make it as fast as possible so that the rate has not increased so I could use the extra money that the loan would pay for a baby instead verwenden. Ich pay an additional $ 1,000 per month on the loan amount was $ 14,000 fällig.Ich recently (on my savings) to my balance and now the $ 33,000 mortgage and I’m going with payments of about $ 2,700 a month’s worth Jahr.Ein in one of my friends told me not to, it’s worth it and just keep the payments since it was the best Lösung.Ich m “as $ 150 in interest paid each month to live in my pocket at the time his pay, I know not know what my solution is not the best tax depreciation ist.Die is not really worth it, right?

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