Is this a good time…or a bad time to open a new Home Mortgage branch? Or does economic climate matter?

We’re all familiar with the headlines regarding the home mortgage market. More people are defaulting on their loans. Credit standards have tightened so the riskier loans are not being made so readily. Several large mortgage companies like Countrywide have been suffering.

In this climate, is now a good time to take advantage of the weakness of certain competitors and try to pick up on sectors of the markets not being fully serviced? Or are the waters just so choppy now that one would be foolish to try to start a new mortgage business in this climate? I am a corporate banker by trade, specializing in 8 to 9 figure loans for middle market & large corporate customers. This is very different than the consumer market for home mortgages, but many of the same credit principles apply in terms of measuring and mitigating risk. If you are experienced in the home mortgage business, I would particularly appreciate reading your feedback on this question, and your view of the current market

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