Is there such a thing as a FHA streamline loan with an appraisal?

I got a quote for 3.5% refinance with an appraisal from a company that I’ve never heard of, Maverick Funding Corp vs 3.75% with out an appraisal. Other companies like Quicken loans and PNC were offering 4% and 4.125% both with out an appraisal. Everything has no closing costs.

Neither Quicken or PNC mentioned anything about a streamline with an appraisal. I want the 3.5% but am afraid there is some sort of scam. The appraisal costs $ 450 and the house need to appraise for more than what I owe on the house. Could it be just a scam to get $ 450? I don’t know…I seem to always get screwed and don’t want to get screwed on this too.
PNC is my current lender, they offered me 4.125%…my current rate is 5%

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