is there any way to get out of a co sign ???

simple story,, i co signed for my girlfriend to get a car 3 years ago because she had no credit, we were in a 8 year relationship,, it was her car, she used it,, i have my own,,anyways about 18 months ago she leaves me for another man,,she has been living with this man now for almost a year,,,shes also going to have his baby,,,I WISH THEM WELL BTW..i have a small credit card and a small mortgage,, so i go to the bank today to see about getting a line of credit for a home reno and even with a perfect credit score,,i get denyed for the loan,,i ask WHY??? and i am informed that the co sign goes on my credit report,,,MIGHT i add that my ex is making her payments on the car thank god,,but still,,i still cannot get a line of credit,,,i was told by the bank that ENCASE something happens,,as in the ex not making the payments i would have to make then,,said the banks don’t like this,,,if she didn’t make her payments i couldn’t handle the credit load,,,so this brings me to a number of questions,,,please answer

1<<>> the ex has the car,,paying for the car,,is with a new man,,moved 2000 miles away,,why does my life have to go on hold because of this???
2<<>> what happens if she dosent pay??? what am i going to do with a car 2000 miles away seeing i allready have 1???
3<<>>how come none of the bad points were explained to me at the car dealership when i co signed
4<<>>she has moved on with her life,,,why cant i????
5<<>> there is 4 years left on the car payments???this means i have to go another 4 years without beeing able to borrow any money????
6<<>>why is there no law what so ever on MY SIDE???
7<<>>what happens if she moves to IRAN???and never comes back to canada???for the next 30 years???do i still have to suffer the next 30 years???
8<<>>can you get out of a co sign???

what a amazing country we live in,,,man dates woman,,,woman leaves man for hollywood life,,,man gets kicked in the balls,,,woman lives life with not a care in the world????why should my fininacials have to suffer becasue i co signed 3 years ago for a evil woman,,i have never felt so POWERLESS in all my life,,its like my knocked up ex is bathing in the glory,,going on vacations with her new man,,and i cant borrow 5 grand for a new shitter,,,UNREAL,,,,,,


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