Is there any way I could refinance my mortgage since I’ve been laid off?

I’ve been laid off since january. Since mortgage rates are currently low, I went to my bank where I got my original mortgage, and ask them about refinancing. They said it wasn’t possible due to my unemployment (which is ridiculous because i still have to pay them mortgage anyway). I’ve been reading and hearing everywhere about special programs for helping people with financial difficulties. I tried, again, with my bank (bank of america) and after couple of months waiting time, their agent finally called me. After we talk for about an hour about my expenses and incomes, he told me that I’m not eligible for help. I don’t know why I’m writing all this, 🙂 so let memake a long story short and ask the community: does anyone know how can I refinance my mortgage without job? Are they any other agencies where I could refinance? I have excellent credit score, no debt, and when I bought it 2 years ago I put down more than half of the price of the house. House is about 230k $ , and is located in saint louis missouri. I’ll appreciate any suggestion! Thanks

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