Is there a website to determine how much mortgage I would qualify for?

I am a homeowner and want to purchase a second property. I would like to find an online calculator to see what additional loan I could receive based on income, debt etc.


I have a 1.25% negative am loan that i need to get out of, i currently owe 673,000.00 for both my first and my second, my question is can i get a loan that is not a negative am loan and have my payments at 2,500.00 including my taxes? Even if i have to get myself into an interest only loan for the first 3-5 years or so, by then my wife and i would be off better financially and can refinance into something fixed. My home is worth about 750,000 so i still have some equity in it and have had this negative am loan for about 2 1/2 years now. I was on lending tree and put my info in the mortgage calculator and it brought out different scenarios and one did have a payment of 2,400.00 is this realistic? i pay 8,000.00 in real estate taxes a year.
I realize i cannot get an interest only loan plus get my taxes paid for $ 2500.00 So can i get a payment of $ 2500 without the taxes? for 673,000?

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