Is there a quick & easy mortgage loan?

Hi. I want to buy a small vacation home in Puerto Rico. PR is a commonwealth of the US, so I beleive the same rules apply. The house is really cheap (60k) & I need to get a mortgage loan for it. Is there any type of mortgage that I can get that will not make me have inspections & will be quick? The seller has potential cash buyers & he agreed to not sell it to anyone else but only if I can get the loan done quickly. Please help!!

Also I am open to long term personal loans. But it would have to be atleast 72 months & w/ a smaller APR. I owned my home in Philadelphia for 4 yrs so I believe I do not have much equity. & also can I get the loan here in Philadelphia? What are my options. I will choose the best answer. Thank you.
Also I was looking at mobile home loans.. would that be possible?? It seems like a good option but its not a mobile home…
My family is from Puerto Rico. I know the cost of houses over there. 60k is cheap for a house over there. PR is almost as expensive as the US as far as hopmes go. PR is NOt a 3rd world country. It is the ricjest caribbean island.
No I do Not want to buy a mobile home! I was only looking at mobile homes for this loan, lol.

& yes I know its not good to buy a house w/o inspection, I will get 1 of my own; however I just dont have the time for the dozens of inspections that come along w/ a mortgage loan. Atleast thats what they made me do for my home in Phila.
Thank you Lissy. Yes my mother in law already went to the home last week & said it was in great condition. It is all cement & sturdy. & also I will go to see the home before I sign off all the papers.

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