Is the US credit system efficient?

So what I can gather from questions here on yahoo is that a popular way of improving your credit score is by taking loans and then paying them back.

* You know you need an important loan in the future
* But you have to improve your credit score
* So you take an unnecessary loan today

Seems like the debitor actually weakens his economic power by indulging in the costs of the unnecessary loan, but conversely it improves his credit score. A credit score which should reflect his economic ability to pay back?

Should I try and explain my confusion with a metaphor? Lets say your interviewing for a position on a 10 km running team. You show up on the day of the tournament. Before you can get the position you first have to run 10 km to prove you can do it. You prove your ability and get the position, but at the actual event your having a hard time performing because your tired from the first run!

The system either works this way because it’s the best way to asses risk. The other way, as I may unfairly suspect, is that its a bit like a game that lures people that would normally not take out loans into the creditmarket because theyre interested in getting a higher credit score.
What if the profit doesn’t come from better riskassesment, but from the increased amount of lending due to people wanting to build credit score?

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