Is it worth suing the used car deal?

I am in the middle of purchasing a used car from an auto auction house. i have kept all of my documentation. I have a recent charge off on my credit from a recent car accident and know my score is not the best. I reviewed docs that were sent to me from the finance company which do not match the forms i signed. I put a down pmt of $ 3000 on my visa and later sent $ 500 over the phone 9days later. Less than two days after I drove off the lot (not yet financed) the car made horrible noises and with the sellers permission i took the car to the nearest manufacturer’s dealer, the repair was minor. The seller “took care” of the repairs, rental and diagnostic charges. On the agreement i signed the sales price is $ 10,300 plus GAP, warranty and standard fees. The pink I just received in the mail from the finance company shows an inflated sales price of around $ 12,150 with no GAP or warranty, it shows my total down payment of $ 3500 on the original purch date & forged signatures. I need a car, this one works great, and want to start trying to fix my credit should i just play along?

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