Is it unfair?

I am a receptionist at a mortgage company. I am training in Escrow and I open loans for the loan officers. One of the loan officers here at the office (also manager) was working on a complicated loan. He only speaks english and his client only speaks spanish primarily but understand a little bit of english. Since I am bilingual, they used me in several meetings and over the phone to help translate spanish to english and vice versa. The manager told me in several occassions that I would get paid for my help in the transaction once they funded the loan. Well, I just found out that the loan funded yesterday. The manager didn’t tell me that they funded and I don’t think I’m going to get paid.

Please note that it’s not part of my job to translate in any transaction and did it as a favor for my manager. I didn’t even expect to get paid but the manager mentioned it to me twice that I was getting a cut once they funded.

Is it unfair that I haven’t gotten paid like He said I would?

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