Is it possible to say a loan for a house trailer for $ 10,000, but getting an additional $ 10,000 to pay the debts of others?

I want a loan to buy a trailer, but since I have 3 to 4 small monthly bills, I would get a larger loan to pay the lower amount. This would reduce monthly bills and make it easier for the mortgage with a payment instead of 4 or 5 or something else to pay more. Advice please! And if it is to pass an act for the home ground, it is more likely? Or would it make sense to take care of, take everything with a personal loan? My credit score is 720 + The trailer is really 3 years old, has 3 bedrooms and comes with the device management zu.Mein money is in order. I have been absent from work equal to about 9 to 10 months, some time and have used credit cards to survive (not really smart, did what I had to do, but) not complete, but getting the hour, I pay double the month payment on all claims except car payment if, for example due to minimum is $ 40, I pay $ 80 and usually 4-5 days before the price Fälligkeit.Die request the trailer is $ 14,000.00 I $ 10 000 as a round number to a single clever idea bekommen.Wäre want to pay a small personal loan, say $ 4,000.00 in credit card debt? Thank you all for the replies, I appreciate your kindness in your words. All advice greatly appreciated ….. Thank you!

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