Is it possible to obtain a mortgage with a low credit score?

My husband and I both have bad credit scores … its bad b / c, we discovered that her mother had stolen her social security number and used it since he was little. Mine is bad b / c I was desperate to pay his studies, but I could not pay everything back and it went downhill, but it would be home on behalf of my husband and me is not gehen . Unsere following situation: We pay $ 500 per month for rent and do not understand why we did not get a loan to fund us because we worked no problem paying this amount with only my husband now. If we have this house we b / c we live closer to downtown would be where I would be able to get a job on foot (I have no car and my husband found our only means of transport for his work). I called the lender and she said that the only way we can to get funding if you had a credit rating of the 620th city in which we live is selling very very unlimited number of houses (for the moment. .. 5) if there is a certain amount of land to build a house on … but we could not afford to be in the situation. The lender said the only other option for us is to be financed, the bank that they would look in our loan and would be a certain amount for a deposit and we have only $ 1500 for b / c if we here we went to get a $ euthanized 1000, had this house and pay rent of $ 500 for utilities in our name put b / c the downtowns in the largest amount of the owner .. . the cops should know ist.Ich if there are opportunities for us … We live in Iowa … or is there any grants that can help us …. I look up subsidies tried but I do not know that a real service to the site credible. Please help, because we want our family in a house, we can calculate our own call to starten.Der agents, what would our payments to insurance taxes and the property is $ 500 to $ 517 werdenWir months his mother has taken to court and all they had to pay was $ 1,000 and he does not give us gehenUnd we have already contacted Social Security, they said they would do their own investigation. .. but still no return for us and a few months ago … my friend said they probably just put aside. .. IDK? If you are NOT YOUR help, so you really do not meet the United States! I WANT to know how a house with our credit rating will now receive a reply and say if you say the same shit everyone else … I’m tired of always the same thing over and over VA. Obviously, it should be anyway because there are people out there in worse situations than the U.S. and yet, they can get financing for a home.

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