Is it possible to get a home equity loan or 2nd mortgage……?

Is it possible to get a home equity loan or 2nd mortgage with a poor credit score. The one thing we have going for us is that our house is completely paid off. We have no credit cards and our vehicles are also paid off. The only debt we have are some medical bills that we are making payments on which is around $ 2500. My wife and I are both employed and make decent income of around $ 6000 monthly. We just have some things coming up to where we would like a loan for around $ 15,000. I think our credit score is around 590 🙁 . (We ran in to some difficulty when I lost my job and had a baby born with a disability and medical bills piled up). But with that much equity and such a low score would there be a loan company that would work with us? Would our local bank be able to help or should I check around on the net that specialize in bad credit loans? Any recommendations?
Thank you all so much for such great answers and some great explanations! Our original loan for our house was over 10 years ago so I don’t remember much about how all of that loan stuff works. We have never checked in to a equity loan so I know nothing about them except for some research on the net. I think I’ll start with my local bank and go from there. Thank you all!

Danity……I have no idea what you meant by your answer!
One more quick note. I was not working for quite some time due to a back injury that ended in surgery. I have now been back to work for a little over a year now though. My wife has been a teacher for 12 years. So, we had a 2 year span to where our credit went down the drain but the last year have been on time with what little debts we do have. I was also thinking it would be difficult to raise our credit score without having any credit out there. Maybe starting with a credit card and just using it for small purchases and paying off the balance each month would be one way. I was also thinking with the equity loan would really help rebuild our credit with timely payments. My son needs some extensive dental work and that is why we are wanting a equity loan to pay for that and other services he needs due to his disability.

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