Is it possible to buy my own mortgage at a discount?

I have one of these loans, banks no longer want. This is an interest only ARM 5 years. However, I bought this on purpose, and have the ability zahlen.Meine mortgage company just sold my mortgage (not uncommon). However, given the timing and type of credit, I suppose it is sold at a heavy price. I pay interest payments less than 4% for five years (I paid a lot of points), and after these five years have passed, I have enough credit to refinance and equity markets, or I might just have money. Thus, the new lender is less than 4% interest for children under 3 Jahre.Meine question is whether banks willing to sell my mortgage at a discount, it is a way for me to buy it? Would it help if I beat my first credit -> Adams seems that my question has yet to be Klärung.Ich would be crazy to pay the mortgage now at full price. I am willing to pay less than 4%. I calculated the points I paid, but a yield of 12%, but if I do not hold the loan for 5 years, the important points rippen.Allerdings if my mortgage for much less than my salary could buy balance, I would think about it. In today’s market, would my mortgage be sold to another lender for a substantial discount, so why not sell it to me for a discount (probably small)?
What is the difference between loans and discounts on credit charges start? Both are expressed as a percentage of the loan amount. If a mortgage is 15-year fixed rate has a point, it is the origination fee or discount point?

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