Is it possible for us to buy a house, and if so, what price range we should look?

My husband and I are buying our first house on itneresting but are very afraid, because all real estate and mortgage questions lately. We are not looking for a house extravagant, just a little more comfortable. Our problem is we both have bad credit credit cards in the school. We are slowly but surely working to correct these bad debts. Last we checked, our credit rating was 600 We bring home about 4,500 per month. Have had about 2200 in bills (car, student loans, utilities, etc.) We recorded a little down payment. So my question is … I’m stupid, even trying to find a house right now? Should I try to repay some of the other debts and save money for a down payment first? We currently live in a house that belongs to a family member, and the situation is still very difficult and problematic. In fear that if I continue to expect that this will never happen.

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