Is it legal for a wedding for the end benefit?

Maybe I should not have married my husband. Seems marriage today is so cliche, traditional, romantic, but when it comes to families, it is difficult step comes. They lead to more turmoil, particularly when the spouse has to support his ex and her children, and you do not receive support from your ex because you have 50/50 split custody of you brothers and sisters, to live with you and the other with your life Ex.Da we got married, we have a household of 3 persons and in computing the income, everyone deserves to be counted. This is a problem because my husband is not the father and he has support, it does not work for us because if we do not have the money we are treated like cash. was the stepfather of $ 500 more per month to his total income gegenüber.Ich wanted to come back if we do boyfriend / girlfriend have been if I did not count his income to qualify for benefits a single mother receives if they do not earn enough. I do not know how to get back to this law. We can not divorce now that our mortgage is under water, you can not sell or refinance. This new FHA loan we can not help because NH Housing Dovenmuelhe refuses, we must helfen.Ich advises others who make things happen through marriage, so that you end up not where we are until one of you can make enough whatsoever without the stress of continued support broke, where only a few hundred dollars in the bank and may think you’re more than your spending now charged Kreditkarten.Ich wants a divorce because we love each other, but I do not want at the end of the street because we can not afford our mortgage bezahlen.Warum or I should not be a single mother? I have no children with him. If the action was rent with a roommate, it would need to obtain income from a roommate and counting? There is no common law in NH.

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