Is it hard to get an apartment or loan on a house if your spouse has no credit?

My boyfriend is a citizen of the UK. We are planning on getting married within the next 12-18 months. Because he only just recently got a SSN, he has no credit whatsoever. He is going to try to get a credit card for a store at the mall to begin building credit.

I am worried about our ability to find a nice apartment after we are married, and also maybe getting a loan on a house a year or two after marriage. Will his lack of credit (remember its a lack of credit, not bad credit), affect our selection of apartments? Also, how long will it take him to build good credit?

My credit is very very good.
I said he has no credit. Not that he has bad credit.
And I am not aware of answering my own question at all.
I simply want to know if his lack of credit would affect our selection of rental apartments. AND how long it would take him to build some good credit so we could begin applying for loans to purchase a house.

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