Is it ethical to the person buying our house is the contact?

We thought we sold our house.5 years, it has been estimated at 139,000. We paid 132,000 and has about $ 7000 improvements.We have a contract now provides a first buyers are willing to find $ 139 to pay for it.The man, our house is a mortgage broker and we agreed to pay $ 129, while maintaining price $ 10,000 himself.The profit fell in our area, and the assessment was $ 120,000. He always wants us to give him $ 10,000 fee.Which Finder can join with $ 110,000 under our legal fees, 1 / 2 Cost and find $ 800 for the title. Yikes! Big money loss.Can time we deal directly with the buyer? It is already approved loans and home badly.We they have his number, because the contract is not signed agent.We sie.Er sells them privately, he has only one mortgage broker and loan make her.She is has already been granted, and it was close to a “go” now.She broken heart when we say “No Deal” The agreement we signed with him, he is signed her.He by us and, we write letters, which $ 10 000 to date.

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