Is it a really good time to buy a house now?

I heard that it’s a good time to buy a house now b/c the interest rates are low and homes are cheap?
My friend just bout a 300k home and didn’t sell her old home and let it out for rent. I guess she’ll sell it when the market goes back up and she’ll have the extra money to pay off her newer current home?

My problem is I have a school loan of 50k with 6.55% interest. My husband and I rent for $ 700/month right now. I make 100k/yr so I should be able to pay off my loans in 1.5 years. We also have a daughter who is turning 1.
I am so tempted to buy a home now with the interest rate being low but I would have to for-go my school loans and pay it off in 4 years instead.
And since we live in New Jersey homes in a good area would be at least 250-300k with yearly property tax of 9k-10k!!! My daughter will not be in school until 4 years later! So taxes like that are a lil scary.
What’s a smarter plan? Would I save more money if I buy now since interest rate is low but for-go my student loans. Or buy a house later when market is up with my loans paid off?

I guess the questions is will the market still be like this in 3-4 years..if so, then paying my loans off will be a better option.

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