Is getting a mortgage this hard for everyone?

My wife and I have finally found the house we want to buy. When we approached our mortgage broker 2.5 weeks ago, we were told this would be very easy and we could close in 10 – 14 days. After 2 weeks of constantly providing “1 more” piece of information for the underwriters (which we did quickly and accurately), we were finally told that they would not approve a “full doc” loan?
Here are the basics:
– We have over 80% of the cost of the house in an account designed to pay for the house (20% down, plus a chunk to draw interest and make monthly payments)
– We have “spotless” credit
– My annual salary for the last 3 years rank me in the top 1% of the US
– I have stocks worth 3 times the cost of the house
– It is a jumbo loan

I was told it was taken to the highest level of the corporation and they said “NO” and if I have that much money I should pay cash for the house.

What is a “full doc” loan? What are my options? Does this seem odd?

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