Is a mortgage valid if a name is missing from the title?

Here is the situation. I purchased a home with my now ex-husband. Wen our divorce was final, a quick claim deed was submitted to remove his name. In 2006 I refinanced the mortgage with my now ex-boyfriend. I have a 4 restraining order on the ex-boyfriend, who now lives in another state. The ex-boyfriend was never added to the deed/title, it’s believed to be the bank error. The home is now in foreclosure. I’m wondering if the loan is valid? Also the bank had agreed to do a loan modification solely on my information. When I asked them to confirm that the modification was giving me 100% responsibility. They told me a week later that do to the law. the modification would require the ex-boyfriend signature. They said according to the law, they could not do the modification solely in my name because the ex-boyfriend is on the current loan. Is this true? I live in the State of Wisconsin.

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