Is a mortgage Note Holder…?

the Lender or the acting Lender?

I see on the documents, Lender in quotes or written “as Lender”.
TM, the holder of the note would be the Note Holder. The Note holder holding the note becomes the Lender?? Or is the Note holder “acting as” a Lender?
TM, concerning the mortgage Note being an asset that can be bought and sold ….Why is the Note Holder or the “acting as” lender selling the homeowner’s mortgage note as if it originated from the Note holder and not the Homeowner?
The promise to pay or mortgage note is the asset of the Homeowner, not the Note Holder. Why are they selling homeowner’s asset as if it was their asset?

I found no evidence written on the mortgage documents indicating any type of value (or money) was given towards a loan.

Wells Fargo stated the homeowner is financing “debt”. Debt is the opposite of money.
The homeowner’s own energy and labor is the value backing the Homeowner’s Mortgage/promissory Note.

Since the value is coming directly from the homeowner (not indirectly from Business profits)… What else is being sold and transferred along with the Note?

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