IRS Tax credit for the expenses made to family(studying brother/mother) who live in india?

I am an alien worker(H1b) in US from 2011 november. Can any of these expenses be shown for IRS tax credit
1. My education loan — 6000$
2. My (2 younger) brothers, engineering college fees – 6000$
3. Repaid my father’s house mortgage loan – 6000$
4. My family’s miscellaneous expenses – 6000$

My father has a business (still running, but cant expect profit from that, my family doesnt have any income other than that non profitable business) . He passed away 20 days ago, so there are lot of miscellaneous loans to be paid. Can anyone help if i can show the amount that i spent for the above mentioned purpose on 2012 can be used for tax credit this year or atleast next year. ?


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