insurance company screwing me over after house fire!!!?

what is the process for dealing with insurance company after house fire and we don’t agree to their settlement?
we had a house fire and have 3 bids all 3 contractors have recommended to have the home entirely rebuilt the bids range from $ 234k-$ 277k. The insurance company came in just below $ 90k for their offer of settlement. Of their settlement and in the bid is “sealing and repainting” the walls which associated with that comes nothing of any good from what we have read and spoken to people about. first and foremost are the health risks, the stuff they are proposing is a “killz” brand which locks in the smell so it is confined to the area in which the “killz” penetrates. They are not putting into consideration our family and the health of our babies. As it appears on the bid as stated to “seal and repaint” there is NO mention of doing anything to aid in protection from the health risks of the smoke ie, mold and chemicles etc…. We are inquiring as to waht we do now? Every contractor we have spoken with has shared their knowledge of the smoke as well as the penetration of the smoke into places where you would not think. All of the contractors that we have spoken with had shared their concern and in all 3 of the bids we have submitted they ALL agree that the dwelling should be completely demod with the exception of the foundation (“DEMOLITION”) the fire was from electrical and traveled through the walls and was completely confined to the home. They are also NOT wanting to replace any insulation. WE NEED HELP!!!! Any information would be super helpful and if you could please attach the source?

My family is having a hard enough time, we lost EVERYTHING that we have ever owned and worked for. Not to mention complete trama for our our kids.

Thank you for any and all help!!!

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