Insurance claim advice?

So, yesterday I found out someone broke into my storage unit and stole EVERYTHING. There was a bike, bins of clothes (women’s and baby), my f n CHRISTMAS TREE, all my ornaments, decorations, etc, misc household stuff, etc. I’ve decided to file a claim, because I’m sure the value is WAAAAAY over my deductible (the bike alone would eat up my deductible)

My insurance is replacement cost, but how do I estimate the cost of replacing my clothes??? I don’t have a detailed inventory, it was just stuff put up for the season, some shoes, and a few purses. And a lot of my ornaments were collectible, the only place I know of to replace them would be on ebay, can I use ebay sold prices for my estimate?

Any other advice on filing a claim? I’ve heard the company will try to negotiate me down, but I’m pretty sure what I lost exceeds even their limit (they only cover 10% of my contents limit if it’s in storage). I’m super bummed, I can’t believe someone stole my frickin TREE.

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