Initial amount down Vs. Loan amount?

Hi, I’m getting a little confused with some of the mortgage calculators regarding how much money i have to put down, and what the acutal loan amount is.

Here’s the scenario. I have $ 30,000.00 as a down payment. Many of the calculations based on my income say I afford a home close to $ 200,000. I want my payment to be approximately $ 700 a month. So if I want a house for $ 180,000 and I use $ 30,000 on the downpayment , does this mean the loan would only be for $ 150,000?

Or is the loan still $ 180,000 and the $ 30,000 is used within it to dwindle down the interest and total amount of payments. hope you understand my question. i think i might be confusing myself more than its worth.

Otherwise if I went for a cheaper home, as in $ 150,000.. would the loan really only be for $ 120,000?
the real purpose of this question is to see how much of a house i can afford. My husband and I make about $ 60,000 a year together. we will have $ 30,000 for down payment.

when i use the mortgage calculators some forego the down payment, some include it and reduce the loan amount to that much less, etc. we can afford approximately $ 700 a month. Is this more like the $ 180,000 home.. or the $ 150,000 home?
We do plan to go for the 30 year fixed conventional. unfortuantely we are probably going to wait another 9 months or so to get my husbands credit up some more. wish we could get in now at these rates but i think it would serve us better to wait

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