Increasing credit with installment loans backed by CD’s?

I have zero debt, pay off my credit card in full every month. I have a reliable used car that I plan to keep for several years. After that I plan on buying another one with cash. So I will never(for the foreseeable future) have a car loan to increase my credit history. Same goes for student loans.

My credit is good, but limited. I am 20 years old. I worry that down the line when I’d like to qualify for a mortgage, or business loan, I won’t have enough credit history to qualify. I keep hearing pay off your credit card every month and you’ll be fine, but will that really give my FICO score the best chance to shine? Especially when trying to show I am credit-worthy for a large loan?

So what I have thought about doing is buying a 6 month CD and taking an installment loan against it. Will this improve my credit worthiness down the line like I am expecting? I realize the short term loss of money which I am not worried about. I understand credit is the key to financial success(or disaster..) Is this a good way to go about increasing my worthiness for the long haul?

Thanks and I look forward to your responses
Also, I have one credit card, Capital One, with a limit of $ 750. I am not going to apply for another one for at least a year, as I’ve had too many inquiries.

My FICO ranges from 680-750 among the 3 burueas.

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