Increasing Credit Score / mortgage need advice?

Before reading this, please note that I did research on all subjects that I am inquiring about, I ask that you do not share your answers to these questions if you had a real experience of such situations or if you are a specialist in this field. I get my “facts” of the Internet, how much you should install a home, how to improve your credit so I know where is the info, I will seek advice from people who have lived (subject to such situation), or are professionals in the field / related field. Aitäh.Siin we go … I am currenty put aside money to try to get approval for a mortagage. I know what everyone “knows” about mortgages, credit ratings and credit of the Internet and do research on these “answers”. Im want to get answers to questions: 1 Is this the right time for me to do this? (Im not asking if this is the right time to buy a house in general, we all know the answer to this question, im application is based on my situation after reading the) 2 Am I capable of be considered for mortgage approval? Why (not)? Third My credit score is considered “reasonable” and if not, what can be done to reach this point? Here is the detailed information, you should read before I give the standard answer that I found through online searches :======= ========== ===== ============ Begin the information in my credit score today is the 660th I had a Capital One card in 6-7 years that were not used, I I started using it at the end of 2010 to try to increase your credit score. I had five inqueries credit report, the four that go from 30/03/2009 to 12/07/2009. Sallie Mae student loans, I have two statements and I have never been late. I have a negative effect from the list of Old Navy Card 01/11/2004 that says “Paid was 90 days late” status. So now my only job openings on my student loan is that I have $ 2,300 on my credit card and only use what I will try to build my score, my limit is $ 500, I am using about $ 200 per month or less and pay enough so I’m just a debt of about $ 60 in my balance (I can hear ‘never owe more than 30%, 20%, 9% “- which is who is right?) Some questions about Credit: If a credit inquiries removed from my credit history (from what I hear, they disappear after two years), this increase my score, and if so, what percentage of my score on this paragrahvis.2. After a negative input disappears from Old Navy, I hear takes seven years, it will increase your score, and if so, all ideas on how this may affect skoor3. What do I do a little more to improve my credit score? Fourth I do not understand my student loan, I just decided to pay the sum required to 65/mo $ 100 per month. If I pay within 4-5 months, will it help me? I have a friend who recently bought a house with his wife and she said it had increased its funding Issue 9 months, obtain a secured loan and pay it back immediately, and write letters to get negative items deleted from your credit history (it was a little different because he went through identity theft ). Secured loan can really help ?================ ========================== End of information page =============== personal information, mortgage issues ==================== ===== I am currently living with my mother. He does his job a little less than $ 27K/yr (over 12 years) and have really great credit history and score 860 +. I run a small business (est. 10/2009) in 2011 and began to W2 41K/yr, I mean an increase of over $ 50k-55k to see if it helps. I am interested in information on the possibility of digging and trying to become homeowners in 2011 <-> Q1 2012. I received many mixed reviews from friends, homeowners and experience of legal persons (it just creates headaches -> but still focused on the goal), I’m looking at $ 30K to put it if it works somehow, and my mother used to approve hüpoteek.1. Can I apply for a loan and used my cooperation mother-signer, or vice versa, then please share your expert / experienced arvamust2. What do you think the idea of ​​trying to do, the end of 2012 I gave information 2011/start? Third proposals, or ideas?

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