In which stage of the product life cycle does a product reach its peak sales?

1) In the _____, the firm faces a trade-off between high market share and high current profit.
a. Growth stage
b. Decline stage
c. Maturity stage
d. Introduction stage

2) In which stage of the product life cycle does a product reach its peak sales?
a. Decline
b. Maturity
c. Introduction
d. Growth

3) Idea-reducing stage of new product development process is called as:
a. Idea generation
b. Idea screening
c. Product concept
d. Concept development

4) Which of the following is NOT an external source of idea generation?
a. Customers
b. Suppliers
c. Competitors
d. Top management

5) A firm is developing a new product and has placed the advertisement of the product. The firm is at which stage of the new product development process?
a. Business Analysis
b. Beta testing
c. Concept development
d. Commercialization

6) Which of the following is used to test the customer preference about the new product design?
a. Business Analysis
b. Beta testing
c. Conjoint analysis
d. Concept testing

7) At which of the following stage of consumer adoption process the consumer decides whether to use the product or not?
a. Awareness
b. Interest
c. Trial
d. Evaluation

8) Which of the following is NOT part of consumer adoption process?
a. Interest
b. Evaluation
c. Trail
d. Convenience

9) The purchase of which of the following items is least likely to be affected by demographic factors?
a. Sugar
b. Computer
c. Fast food
d. Low fat cheese

10) Identify the type of packaging for ice creams.
a. Primary packaging
b. Secondary packaging
c. Transport packaging
d. Decorative packaging

11) For ———— product marketers should view packaging as a major strategic tool?
a. Industrial
b. Consumer convenience
c. Consumer shopping
d. Specialty

12) Which of the following is a strategy of using existing brand name to launch new products in other categories?
a. Co- branding
b. Line extension
c. Brand extension
d. Multibranding

13) Which of the following are products and services bought by final consumers for personal consumption?
a. Consumer products
b. Material and parts
c. Industrial products
d. Capital items

14) Insurance service would BEST be described as which kind of a product?
a. Convenience
b. Unsought
c. Specialty
d. Durable

15) –––––––––– a name, term, sign, symbol, design, or a combination of these, that identifies that maker or seller of a product or service?
a. Product
b. Brand
c. Co-brand
d. Label

16) Company specifically creates a brand to counter a competitive threat it is known as:
a. Individual branding
b. Fighting brand
c. Family branding
d. Co-branding

17) The label on a soft drink can read “cool and refreshing.” For what reason are these words used?
a. To promote the product
b. To provide information
c. To encourage multiple purchases
d. To satisfy legal requirements

18) Which of the following has a quick response towards a new product?
a. Early adopters
b. Early majority
c. Late majority
d. Opinion leaders

19) Identify the products that the customer usually buys frequently and with a minimum of comparison and buying effort.
a. Convenience
b. Specialty
c. Household
d. Augmented

20) This stage in the PLC that is characterized by rapid market acceptance, increasing sales, and rising profits is known as:
a. Introduction
b. Maturity
c. Growth
d. Decline

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