In order to qualify for a home loan, how should I file my taxes for 2009?

How should I file my 2009 taxes in order to have the greatest chance of being approved for a home loan? I have been self-employed since 2004 but I was also employed full-time for another company until 10/07. My 2004-2005 taxes were filed under an LLC S-Corp. 2006 taxes under sole-proprietorship and W2 for my full-time employer. 2007 & 2008 I used Turbo Tax Home & Business as a sole proprietor. I’m going to a reputable accountant, tax consultant, and mortgage broker next week for more advice but would like to prepare myself with any other questions before doing so. My business has made a profit since I started it in 2007 but as many business owners do, I’ve had enough deductions to show very little profit. I’m concerned the banks won’t like this. I can show a great profit for 2009 if I need to in order to get a loan as my company really does make a good profit. I hope this makes sense. Does anyone have any answers that might help. I currently do my taxes myself but will a lender want a professional office to have completed my taxes? Thanks

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