In need of opinions! Especially the guys!?

My significant other moved in with me 29 months ago. He does not help with any of the household bills. The 1st 17 months he was employed but only paid his personal obligations ie. 8 old cars in storage, 40’ storage container. He did save back money to build a shed as an effort to contribute to the household. It was his intent to get laid off his job & collect unemployment while he built the shed. He also started buying about 200.00 in groceries to shut me up. He has been out of work 12 months. The shed is 90% completed. The cost of materials, about 1000.00. His defense for not having any money. “He built me a shed.” Not having a job. “ He was building the shed”.
I feel he is taking advantage of me. He also drives my car, because none of his are drivable. I pay for the tires, insurance, registration & repairs, because it’s my car.
What is your opinion America?
I work outside the home. For the past 8 months I had to work extra long hours. I asked him to call the cable co. for they had been overcharging me for the past 5 months. I did not have time to make the call during business hours so I wrote out a detailed list of the special they had quoted, what I was being billed & they needed to fix it or for him to cancel the service. He was furious that I did not take care of it myself. I should have taken time off work & not bothered him with it. The cable is for our son to watch cartoons. I don’t have time for TV & he seldom watches it. He claims “my behavior was irrational”! Comments Please!!!!

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