In a mortgage, which is the sum of the bank?

I take a class and we find mortgages and loans and everything else fun. However, our teacher does not really teach! I have no idea how to get a correct answer to bekommen.Nach monthly mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance, etc. We have the following question … “What is the total amount in the bank for loans to send?” I assume that the amount they took, first, interest charges and acquisition costs (installation costs and discount). But it is also the insurance of property taxes and home, too? I sent my professor and asked him several times, of course, but he never e-mails zurück.Info-house $ 190,000, $ 18,000 down payment, borrowed $ 172,000, the rate of 6.3% annually for 30 years, $ 3440 due at the end, 903 million monthly mortgage payments, property taxes $ 237.50/month, $ 47.91/month Hausratversicherung.Was is the total amount of “send to the bank” with above information? Just please tell me how to get there and I’ll think it works. THANK YOU!

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