In a mortgage, the third in a house?

Hello everyone. I had a question. I still have not a mortgage company because I thought of this recently visited. I have two houses that I have to pay their mortgage. My main residence where I live, and I have a second home that is occupied by tenants. My question is, with every foreclosure there I thought about one third. Would I be able to get the third mortgage to buy a house for investment? I’ve never been too late on a payment and can make three mortgage if I can not find a tenant to occupy. I ask because I heard because of mortgage defaults, which makes it extremely difficult now to obtain a mortgage.
Is it possible if I have a house by owner taking on mortgage payments, etc. .. What if he had used the house as security for loans is a full-fledged third, and later in default after the property was transferred to the mortgage, even myself, will the third person. or can / will they go home? and I find myself stuck with the bill?

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