Improving credit score via car payments (lease)?

Hello, my credit score is pretty low (around 600) one of the reasons it is so low is due to lack of history. My husband’s credit is perfect (790 or so). Is it a good idea to just get the car in my name (and put down a hefty down payment) so I can build my credit history. If I need my husband to co-sign, will that show or affect my credit rating? Where is Suze when I need her! Thanks in advance

I know people look down on leases, but the plan is to purchase a house in 3-4 years. By that time we want as little debt as possible. So, we figure we can just end the least significantly prior to the purchase of the house so car payments/loan won’t count against us. That is easier than rushing to try and pay off a car first. I figure I can do without a car for a while or buy a cheaper car out-right. I have a feeling I’m just making up stuff. *hmph*

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