improvemtent credit score?

I request VA home loan and mortgage at the scene said they could probably be approved if we reduce the loan, but for them to finance “in house” my wife and I had to perform their credit ratings necessary. We both have bad credit, but we are only a few points off of their “minimum requirement”. I need 11 points, and my wife needs a 21st What is the best way to get points quickly. I have a lot of little things to my credit, and then a few great things that take time to pay. Most of this is very old. What should I attack first? To my wife, she was in the late 06-car payment, he has a bill of old cell phone and I guess the key, it is lower than that for me is because we use our credit for this we do. We have 2 small loan signing to his credit, and we financed through our power company uses the machine to his credit. What do we do?

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