I’m writing a story, and I have several questions to ask about getting caught with cocaine?

I’m writing a story, and I wanted to know the facts about getting caught with cocaine. Okay, so say you are an 18 year old male who sold some cocaine to a friend who is, lets say 23. A few weeks later your friend gets caught with the cocaine by the police (you don’t have any cocaine at your house or on you anymore by this time because in my story he decides to change his ways lol):

1) Will they immediately arrest your friend?
2) Will they ask who sold it to him or how he got it?
3) If your friend says that you sold it to him, will the police come to your house/apartment?
4) What would happen if you didn’t answer the door?
5) If you do answer the door, what would the police say to you?
6) Would they immediately arrest you or could you stay at your place until a certain day when you could testify for yourself or something like that?
7) Would they check your house?
8) Would you have to go to court?
9) Is there any way you could avoid getting caught for selling it to your friend?

Thank you so much, I know these are a lot of questions, but I want my story to be as real as possible lol šŸ™‚
OMG, MIKE, I DID NOT SELL DRUGS! I’m just a young author trying to write a decent story šŸ˜›

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