I’m looking to get a 25k loan, either home equity or personal but can find no one to do it. Suggestions?

My credit is average, around 655, no bankruptcies, no late payments ever, only credit card debt of around 20k. I started my own business in October 2011 and therefore don’t have the necessary 2 years of income needed for most loans. In 2011 we didn’t make much and 2012 I only grossed about 25k at my business, and 5k on the aide. In 2013, I’m doing a steady 4k/month. I need a 25k loan for home improvement and some personal debt and can find NO ONE who will do it. I don’t care if its a second mortgage for 30 years or a personal loan for 10 years. My home is completely paid off and worth around 60/65k, my car is also paid off. My credit cards, taxes ($ 900/year) and home insurance of $ 501/year are my only payments at around 33% of my monthly income. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your help!

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