I’m just asking my husband to allow me to control my money?

My husband is struggling to manage their bills. Even before we got married, he was cleared $ 1000 a month apartment, but he brought about 80 a year and have had no bill other than € 300 per month car note (he went with me, but do not tell me he sold). Over the years it has lagged behind its bills and I have “loaned” to pay money for things. We handle our own money and both have particular things to pay. No account yet common due to him under our two measures of money from it without asking. We’re about even how we earn and our bills, but it is also four credit cards, pay bills, I proposed years to get rid of him because he will keep pace. The problem is that my husband is short at the end of the month, and I must take my savings to do for her. It is short, because his credit, he is a smoker and he is not managing his money and always pay for everything up next. This lasts for years and have always threatened to get all his pay me. He does not want this because he knows I will not, it’s money for his cigarettes or something I think frivolous. It has nothing to do with it. I would have paid more money after his bills, but did not have enough monthly income to pay them. He plays catch up to the end, I’m the one who should pay for their loss. $ 5 for cigarettes is $ 5, I finally had to blow in recent months have been the last straw. Recent finacial problems come when we leave the point for the holidays. I paid $ 1000 for a count of 3-month delay, when he had our phones, cables and offline. I need internet, I work from home. I paid, so he paid me and had no money for our trip. I bought everything on vacation with our two children, day care providers and my niece 13 years, until he paid six days later. I would not have planned the trip, when I knew things were going so badly for him. (My niece had more money than him, but he had a suitcase full of smoke.) It was my second day and the day of the second mother I do not get anything. Since then underway. No money for diapers, food stores, that things around the house fixed. The money for smokes well. Her car broke down, he took half of his share of the mortgage ($ 800) for repair. Did not get it fixed and can not for the money other than what it is for a party that we had purchased the change. I had to lend him his share of the mortgage this month. Sunday he had no money for groceries. He said if I loaned him, he buy food for the next two times. Ok, that’s what we did last month. I told him, that makes things worse. It has many denominations. His idea of ​​discounts on our grocery budget. The approximately $ 150 per week for five people. He says its useless and I have an expensive taste in food. It can survive in a pack of sausages. Anyway, I told him to return any money to pay me and let me handle it. I intend to threatened but never did because I really do not want. Well, I have no choice, or get hit bills and lend money with money from a savings account is for emergencies and the kids college fund . I told him that if he does it for me, it does not come with me for loans or otherwise. This includes back and forth with my car to work. So far, he said no to her. Personally, I think it’s fair. I know that I put between the hammer and the anvil, but I do not think its fair market value for me to pay for its deficits, just because I budget better than him. He does not want me to because he knows I’m not him money for cigarettes. I understand his addiction, but still you have responsibilities that come first. Holidays and birthdays are our children. I see now, with me in everything and not a Christmas present to pay again for me. I do not want her money. I just want him to pay his bills and build savings. I do not want a paycheck. We should be able to live our salaries.

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