I’m going for a decent mortgage Eligibile?

Hello and thank you for your help, I’m 23, currently in first year of teaching in the cost of TB in school my first job. I am a teacher and about $ 11,000 in Studentendarlehen.Ich interested in buying a small house this summer. I hope to buy somewhere under $ 200k.Ich have great credit. Never a late payment in my life. Any additional costs for a house in my name for over 2 years. No debt other than student loans. I only have one credit card, however, and I rarely use and never for more than $ 100 I get in full at the end of each Monats.Kann me a decent mortgage for that amount? As a first time home buyers? I’m going to pay bail of about $ 20,000, I believe. I can also, it should be necessary, a member of my family with great credit history to co-sign the Darlehens.Was should I do? Tips? Is this feasible? Thank you, I want someone who knows a lot about buying a house cat. Please feel free to email me, I also wanted to add, and I do not know if that makes a difference that is not a bank or that I’m planning, room for two people which add a significant amount of my income every month mieten.Sorry I do $ 47,855 this year and $ 51,500 next year.

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