I’m extending my question……….on renting vs buying?

Rent is $ 825/month plus about $ 200 in extra bills. 700 sq ft and its NOT OURS, we cant paint it and its sorta small . The mortgage is 1400/month(which the place is big enough to have a child, plus its beautiful) (the payment does already include HOA dues, P and I and taxes) plus around $ 250 in bills. My husband and I bring home together (not gross) $ 3600/month. Who thinks we can afford it, its a great investment and who thinks we should wait and stay renting? We have 2 monthes mortgage saved up in the bank and the type of loan we have is 100% finance (222,000 Loan-1st choice VHDA)and we have the money we need for closing costs. Plus my husband plans on becoming a Fire Fighter (which he passed his entry test) and also getting a second job with it since FF’s only work 10 days a month, making a lot more money. Please Help. I truely need some advice…

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