I’m divorcing my husband has stopped paying the mortgage. Can I close the file extension?

I currently live in Utah and I am divorcing. My husband has been asked to pay a house, “as he can, and he refrained from doing so. Although the construction loan is only in his name, I’m in my second name (loans). We moved a year ago, an equity loan and the repayment of certain things. I was told by friends that I could file an extension, but I do not know what it means or where it is possible, I have two small children and need time to find another place because I am attached w / financial income of the unmarried mother and the child support minimum. I do not know about the auction of my home until two days ago with the letter on my door saying the auction is 15 days! If yes, how long does it take before I am expected to leave or they would realize that I have not been reported, because my husband can post and clearly do not tell me?

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